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Get Paid to Review Music??

2014-09-10 12:30:33 by Chronamut

Yes, that's right, you can get PAID to write reviews for record labels and artists!

It's pretty kickass - and the more professional and long your reviews, the more you get paid! Mind you you don't get paid a LOT - most I've gotten so far is 15 cents a song, but hey, money is money right? They pay out after 10 bucks


so far I haven't seen anything scammy about it - and the reviews go to the artists, so it's really just like newgrounds - but with money - so I'm gonna see how much I can rack in - and the best part is your ranking goes up over time and thus allows you to make even MORE money - score!

Just. don't try to cheat as they check all the reviews before they pay you, so.. take your time.. listen to each song and be as wordy as possible - wordier = more money.


try it out! Worst that happens is you got an audio player with some kickass music on it - some of the songs are REALLY talented!


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2014-09-12 03:04:23

15 cents a song? That's pretty terrible on an hourly basis.

100 songs = 15 dollars = 6-7 hours
15 dollars = 2 hours minimum wage

If we assume that it takes about as much time to write a proper review as it does to listen to a song, the payout is now 1/6 of the minimum wage at best.

Just thought I'd point that out.



2014-09-12 10:10:08

this account has been locked - chronamut can no longer respond to anything you post here.


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2014-12-10 22:42:18

No Shawn!


2014-12-14 16:33:28

yeah they apparently took my songs off the charts too


2014-12-14 16:36:14

scratch that they are still on there. I use this account or chronus-prime to use the site now, although chronus-prime is apparently banned for 10 years simply because my main account was locked.


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2015-12-17 18:44:06

so let's recap - it's been over a year now - you can hear chronamut music now in 2 places:

1) Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/chronamut

2) Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/chronamut?sub_confirmation=1

continuing the experience..