Custom Light Boxes for Sale!

2014-06-25 10:35:26 by Chronamut

so I just finished an exhibit in toronto showcasing my lightboxes of my work,. pioneered the look myself.

So what are lightboxes you ask? They are basically picture frames that light up the image you put inside of them. I will eventually have advanced options like dimmers and solar powered batteries to put them outside but for now the just plug in. The one in the middle didn't photograph well - it shows light glaring from both ends but the original is not like that I assure you.. the camera is just compensating for light sources..

I am selling them for about 200 bucks atm.. I don't really expect anyone here to buy any but I thought you might still appreciate seeing them, and hey - you never know right hehe.. if you're interested pm me.

you can see the rest of my stuff and choose from other images to lightbox here:

so here they are!







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2014-06-25 10:50:51

Omigosh,those are epic,glowy,awesome.
I wanna buy them but,I don't have that much money :P

Chronamut responds:

buy it as a collective effort.. people do that sometimes.. people all chip in to buy something :)

unfortunately that is the bare minimum I can sell them at in order to cover the costs, labour and still profit.


2014-06-25 11:38:26

Looks cool :)

(Updated ) Chronamut responds:

thanks man :)

you can see the rest of my stuff here:


2014-06-25 11:44:51

Fancy as fuck! :D

(Updated ) Chronamut responds:

it really adds a 3 dimensional feel to them - I had people staring at some of them for like 5 mins.. just like.. slack jawed haha...

you can see the rest of my stuff here:


2014-06-26 04:22:36

Those lightboxes look totally rad, and by rad i mean awesome
also, this is off topic, but for the longest time, i thought your name was chromanut. im not dyslexic, i swear ._.

(Updated ) Chronamut responds:

yeah you and half the newgrounds population apparently lol..

you can see the rest of my stuff here:

and sure sure ;)

thanks :)


2014-06-26 10:42:04

that sure is some amazing joke!

Chronamut responds:

thanks man - you can see the rest of my stuff here:


2014-06-26 14:24:04

Hamilton is a few hours from Indiana right now and in a few years when I'll get the 200 bucks for these lightboxes, I'm going to be a perfect animator/artist. If you run out of these things, then boo hoo bad luck for me.

Chronamut responds:

there are many hamiltons in the states.. I am from hamilton ontario canada.. you sure you're thinking o the right one?

also I can never run out of them - I make them myself :)

also sounds good - I can ship them to you too but then you got shipping charges on top of that hehe :)


2014-06-26 19:17:11

This is gonna be long.

Ughmmhm, chronamut, people have no idea what me and you have been through together. They think we are just "classic" bestfriends? LOL. NO. you mean so much to mean and I mean so much to you. You have changed my life forever, you've made me smile and laugh at the hardest moments in my life. and when I tried to kill myself you called my dad to take me to the hospital, you were baling your eyes out and you didint sleep that night. I just want you to know that I am so sorry I put you through that I wasint thinking about the people who cared for me like you, your family, my sister, my dad. And I didint think about myaha.

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We always have the best moments together, like when we went to Phoenix and we went on all the rides together and that photo where my mouth is open. We send the most ugliest funniest photos of our selves to each other. And the time we went to the fair and I threw up all over the mc Donald's play ground cause I was laughing to hard. And all the selfies we took are unforgettable. You are seriously the best person I have meet. when we grow older I'll be the one to move in with you and pancho. Well, me and my rich hot husband lololololololol #lonerforever

Ahahaha, man, I miss you so much there is never a dull moment that we have with each other. Like neverrrrr. We laugh at the most random things we mostly laugh at the people we see at walmart thoo

Chronamut responds:

I don't know what to say lol..


2014-06-26 22:40:38

This is talent.

Chronamut responds:

thanks dear - be sure to check out the rest of my work :)


2014-06-27 09:41:39

I like the top ones. :) Or is it just one?

BTW, is that you at the top of that site you linked? You totally look like Elrond from the LOTR movies!

(Updated ) Chronamut responds:

yes it is me, and that was the goal hehehe.. I will be dressing up as a lotr elf this halloween :)

there are 5 in total :)

the one you are looking at is panels in one frame - so it is just one :)


2014-06-30 00:37:26

i'll take the green ones...thanx buddy

Chronamut responds:

that'll be 600 dollars - thanks buddy :P


2014-07-05 14:58:25

If I ever get a guddamn job I might commission one of these from you.

Assuming you do commissions.

Chronamut responds:

I don't do commissions - I do artwork and if you like it you buy it.


2014-07-05 19:56:25

Well, that's good enough for me. These things are really cool by the way.

(Updated ) Chronamut responds:

thanks man - 300 is a far price for each I think. They are rather labour intensive and the artworks themselves could go for that price.


2014-07-08 06:39:59

I'll give you a penny for the one that looks like a rainbow.

Chronamut responds:

and I'll mug you for the rest :P


2014-07-08 22:28:23

Had fun with Ultra Fractal and Apophysis, I see.

Chronamut responds:

Not ultra fractal - I don't use the program - I only use apophysis :)