Who wants NAC 2014?

2013-10-03 09:47:23 by Chronamut

So some people are requesting a NAC for 2014

for those of you that don't know, I ran the newgrounds audio contests from the beginning of 2011 to the beginning of 2013. There was controversy and drama but eventually they ran smoothly. I stopped however as I was sick of dealing with people's shit - mostly mods passive aggressive snarky shit, who clearly did not like me and clearly wanted to replace me with the MACs - which were the monthly audio contests - the original contests which eventually died out.

From what I can see the contests being run aren't very consistent - with the MAC not even being monthly. I have not been focusing too much on newgrounds this year so perhaps I simply have overlooked the threads - so the question remains - do you audio portalers want a return of the NACs? They would be every month. I don't know if I burned my bridge with Tom so I don't know if you could get prizes or front page exposure, as I am not a mod or audio mod and thus have no real power (another issue the mods had with me) so all I can really promise is a sig and a well organized contest.

let me know.


(you can see the 2 years worth of sigs I made for the contests below)

Who wants NAC 2014?


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2013-10-03 10:55:49

I do...even though I might not even join it, for one reason or another.


2013-10-03 17:08:55

I always loved the Nacs. I understand why you ain't hosting them anymore though. You dont have to host one every month, as it takes a lot of work for you to prepare. Just once a while would be great. I havent seen any nice audio 'competition' in a while.

Chronamut responds:

tbh I haven't been around much this year - I took a hiatus from it all and focused on other things in my life.

and yeah there were months when I just really didn't want to do it - but it forced myself to anyways.


2013-10-04 03:12:06

nacs were the best motivation for me. cmoooon

Chronamut responds:

every positive feedback helps. I had to put up with a lot of bullshit from the mods, and if I have to again there ain't no way in hell I am putting myself through that. Granted I am just a user, but I should still be treated with the dignity and respect given any other person.

so in reality this is purely a decision based on the desire of the users themselves. I'll need more than just a few yeses.


2013-10-04 09:36:27

Always loved the NACs, do you have a good relation with 1 audio mod at least?
Maybe a partnership with a mod could solve things out :)
Also...my name in those sigs *.*

(Updated ) Chronamut responds:

well naturally me and brokendeck have a good relation since we both started the NAC(newgrounds audio contest). Originally iut was going to just be an orchestral contest but I kinda expanded it to a monthly contest to replace the MAC.

Then the MAC(monthly audio contest) was reintroduced but then it wasn't made.. monthly.. and then not when the NGADM or the NGAT was on.. which meant there were like.. maybe 4 MACs in a year? Not very MACish...

still there seem to be a few interesting contests floating about.. and the issue always still is if there are too many contests then there won't be many people submitting to the NAC - one time we just barely had enough for a top 3.. not very good.

as a result if the NAC ever did come back it would need a lot more support. In the end it was sometimes just me and evil-dog, or sometimes just me running it. For some reason running NACs takes a lot of energy. and I did all the sigs and stuff.. so yeah.. more enthusiasm, more support. It seems a lot of people did benefit from them, as they were always consistent, and they were monthly. I would do them whether I was feeling well or not, and I had to go through a lot of shit.

so get more people to support it and maybe we can draft a new NAC staff to operate it. And that's the other thing.. people have to be reliable.. which is why there will not be a sweeping staff in future, and most of the administrative actions will go under me, because I have proven that at the very least I am one of the only people who can be reliable and consistent.