New Book!

2013-09-16 10:24:58 by Chronamut

*EDIT* for this week you can read my book for free - go check it out!

also available on the american site for you non-canadians hehe..

So I am a spiritual teacher (I teach unity consciousness) and I just released a new book containing a how to guide for all things Source(which is what collective god is called) - check it out!

Kindle d/l: 5.97 (you can dl the kindle app off that page to make it play on any device)

Paperback version: $25.00 - (on sale for 17.50 currently!)

some may ask why the paperback is so expensive.. it's small print in an 8 and a half by 11 book.. so if that was a regular book it'd be almost 200 pages.

My credentials are as follows:

Spiritual teacher for 2 years
studied ashayana deane's kathara
studied eastern practices like hinduism and buddhism
studied christianity, philosophy, science
followed the new age movement and all the practises that went on there
studied the flower of life and other drunvalo materials
studied david ickes work
follow bashar's work
and many more that I can't remember at the moment.

here is a picture of the title page :)

New Book!


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2013-09-16 14:10:15

God wouldn't sell me a book

Chronamut responds:

god would do whatever god felt like.


2013-09-16 16:58:00

sorry but it wont buy i really love it

Chronamut responds:

hmm I know the paperback had an update that was still going through.. try in a day or so.. usually takes 24 hours to update.

if that doesn't work you can try the other kindle link:


2013-09-16 18:23:03

That's some pretty expensive kindling.

OHOHOHOHOHO... I'm so funny.

Seriously... 200 page paperbacks cost like $10. What are you? Kevin Trudeau?

Chronamut responds:

soryr but amazon won't even allow me to price it under 16 bucks for the paperback.. which is why I tell people to buy the kindle version.. with the app you can read it on any device.

Also a lot of the books I buy hardcover are like 30 bucks.. it's not that expensive.

And yes, yes I do :P

the site seems to keep dragging their side of the price down though.. so who knows- maybe it will be 10 dollars soon :P


2013-09-17 20:18:07

I like the title, lol. ^u^

Chronamut responds:

me too :)


2013-09-19 15:13:20

Congrats on the release

Chronamut responds:

thanks hun! :)


2013-09-19 20:21:34

jesus (the author of the bible) provided his book online for free. you should do the same, if you want to experience the full benefits of enlightening the world with the grace of unity consciousness.

(Updated ) Chronamut responds:

it is provided online for free. In my spirit group :)

also jesus wasn't the author of the bible dear. People wrote about him.

also you have to pay to get the bible unless you go to church haha..


2013-09-20 01:36:32

i know jesus didn't really write the bible, i was being facetious

nah, the bible is completely free. as are most religious documents. I mean, stores do sell physical copies of the book, but it's easily available online, and any church worth their salt gives away bibles for free (although they paid for them in the first place).

Chronamut responds:

same with mine - I sell it - but you can easily find it online ;)