I have returned to music making! :)

2013-07-29 10:21:11 by Chronamut

Yes I have returned.. with new audio - 3D AUDIO!

go check it out and see if you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it :)

made 3 new songs :)

this one is cool on headphones


it's just to show off my stereo skills

and these 2 I made previously:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/544571 http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/544572

oh and the 8-bit version too



oh and if you wish to chat with the old users in the old newgrounds chat you can do so here:

http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=#newground s.com

you may have to idle.. we have jobs and shit and don't talk all the time.

I have returned to music making! :)


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2013-07-29 19:29:08

wasnt your audio 3D before?

Chronamut responds:

no it was fake 3d.. eqed to sound 3d.. now it's REAL 3D!!


2013-07-29 21:15:29

They're all really short, but good job on what you've got, the 8-bit is probably the best even if it's short, you should make an extended version, would be really awesome. I left reviews.

(Updated ) Chronamut responds:


I am working on an old laptop and thus have not invested time in any full songs as I don't want my laptop to explode.. working on fixing my pc.. hopefully can work on full songs then :P

and cool I'll check em out :)

also go listen to the holophonic version, which was the most recent upload :)

(edit) after much post production on the waveform I have successfully stripped it out to where it's barely noticeable (any more and you affect similar sounds in the waveform of other instruments)

enjoy.. reuploading..


2013-07-29 22:38:25

Hooray! That's great, and knowing that you're getting back into music means that I'll have more music to listen to, good or bad! I'm going to have to work up a better system of checking now to be sure I don't miss anything. Cheers, and if you ever would like some input on what a good song for you to remix would be, I'd be glad to try to help!


(Updated ) Chronamut responds:

hehe thanks man. this laptop isn't the greatest thing to work on as it's old and does weird things sometimes.. esp. to the rendered results.. I am looking forward to when I get my pc fixed and I no longer have those problems..


2013-07-29 23:03:26

oh...then all i have to say is

>2012 + 1
>just now making stereo music

Chronamut responds:

lol you got a ways to go my friend! I've been making music for a decade now! :)


2013-07-30 19:21:11

i know, i said "stereo" music :P

Chronamut responds:

yeah it was 3d stereo, since holophonic is actually 3d audio

1d = mono
2d = stereo
3d = holo