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Entry #1

If you deposited every day, you would have 15440 EXP and you would be Level 38!

7/18/07 by Chronamut
Updated 12/30/07

OMG redesign! My cynicism finally paid off!

Or not.

Neways now yay for blogginess!~ I guess I won't retire just yet.. :P

now anyone that want to tallk to me directly can come bug me on ngs own AUDIO PORTAL IRC CHAT ROOM!!

Post in the IRC chat ngs thread here as well! All your irc room shenanigans!

Irc Network: Quakenet

IRC server: QuakeNet - random server


Description: QuakeNet: Random server
Irc Server:
Port(s): 6667-6669
Group: Quakenet

Password.. usually none :p

so d/l Mirc put all that crap in and then connect to server, then at the top u can input a channel and input #newgrounds_audio and you should be in - see ya there! :)



if you cant be assed and want a quick way to get to us:

newgrounds audio irc chat room!

- just type #newgrounds_audio for chatroom and you're in!

*additional note* - I have been very absent in the music posting biz - but I am always very faithful in responding to your reviews :)

and when reviewing a song - PLEASE LOOK AT THE DATE IT WAS SUBMITTED! Please dont tell me i could do better on a song that is 4 years old - it really does piss me off. -.-



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Long time no see.

2/17/08 Chronamut responds:


i weep shawn, i come back from a long time off and i dont even get a welcome back reacharound XP DAMNIT! im still alive

2/13/08 Chronamut responds:

well how was "I" supposed to know you cameback?

*grabs ass*

feel better? :P



I saw your work on Deviant, im impressed! You are a good artist!

2/9/08 (Updated 2/9/08) Chronamut responds:

thanks man! Ive lost the inspiration to do art these days tho.. it just doesnt seem fun without competition to egg me on..

Hugs for Chronamut!

Nuff said methinks! I really don't have much to say its just that this needs to be said flagnabbit!

2/6/08 Chronamut responds:

I love hugs - esp. male hugs <3

thanks little dude :3



Hey Chronamut! This may not be a fair question and if you can't answer, I totally understand but what is your favourite song you've composed?

1/28/08 Chronamut responds:

hmm.. that's a toughie!

*thinks hard*..

favourite? Or funnest?

cuz the funnest would prolly be the ??????????????????????????? song - it just makes me wanna get up and dance :P

my favourite song that ive composed tho I guess means an original.. prolly symphony of darkness - I really got to infuse some personality into that song :)

Also, you missed the ronay chat. It could be one of the highlights of the IRC chat for a while.


1/25/08 (Updated 1/26/08) Chronamut responds:

Apparently. I've been busy tho.

ronay's a douchebag tho - hope he enjoys never being able to go to the irc room ever again >:)

Are you STILL banned?

1/23/08 Chronamut responds:

yup - 8 more days and whatever amount of hours...

This is gunna hurt my pride a touch=P but yeah, I consider myself one of your "fanboys"
Can't help it mate your stuff is top notch and although I feel like a fucking brown noser each and everytime i compliment you :D lol but alas it tis true.
You have great talent and definantly shouldn't let your audio talent go to waste.


1/13/08 Chronamut responds:

awww :P - yay i have groupies!

lol brownnosing - that has a whole new meaning if you're gay :P

and thanks man - its hard to find the inspiration - and the time these days :)

Hey dude you got anything planned for '08, I mean you only did like four songs last year so you ought to have some come back planned right?

1/3/08 Chronamut responds:

perhaps I'll just do one song this year rofl




Techo mario is soo ogood wut did u use 2 make dat sng I wunt 2 too.

No, actually, what did you use to make your first songs?

12/29/07 Chronamut responds:

fruity loops 3.0 baby XD



Happy 2008 year :)

12/29/07 Chronamut responds:

same to you marty!




12/29/07 Chronamut responds:

lol the chronamut of 2003 is so gonna kick your ass :P



* goes to an 03 song and posts review "such a disappointment. I thought you were a better artist than that." *

12/24/07 Chronamut responds:

er.. what?



Doesn't look like I'll be able to complete my goal this weekend, my computer is fucked :(.

12/11/07 Chronamut responds:

lol *phews*



Nah your no to bad oh tnx for the rewiew

12/8/07 Chronamut responds:

not a problem :)



Maybe if you go back in time and fix those average submissions you won't have reviews like that.

12/7/07 Chronamut responds:

if i went back in time you wouldnt be around TO REVIEW THEM! :p



Well my goal is to review all your old songs within the next three days.

12/7/07 Chronamut responds:

ugh great so ill have a bunch MORE reviews blasting my skill of 4 years ago - oh goody.



Yea dude sorry about beating up your old songs, I give them all 5s. I just give them a lower review score, I can't lie in a review it 'aint right.

12/6/07 Chronamut responds:

lol no but it also isnt fair ot say "you can do better" when the song is 4 years old - obviously I have improved since then :P

and thanks for the 5s :)



I'll be sure to check out your site soon, but I have to say your music is amazing and you have to be the best audio submitter on Newgrounds and the entire internet. Please continue the amazing music you've been making, and thank you for taking the time to make and submit these.

12/4/07 Chronamut responds:

hey no problem man - glad someone appreciates these :)
so be sure to rate them up up up! :P

sorry... what i meant was add some heavy base and i could kick a realy nice freestyle to it. that peice was nice keep up the good work.

12/4/07 Chronamut responds:

lol i dont remember what song you are referring to - I have over 5000 reviews :P

I knocked on the chat room door and no-one was home...

11/26/07 (Updated 11/26/07) Chronamut responds:

sorry man ive been reaaally busy with school - in a couple of weeks ill be able to go on a lot more ;)



omg u haev a lot of songs dos any1 actle listen to all of thos??? lol

11/23/07 Chronamut responds:

only you hahaha :p

sweet mother of god you have alot of songs...

i mean OMG!!!!!

are you like doing these in your sleep!? i mean


ok im done now

11/23/07 Chronamut responds:

i actually deleted a lot of them - I used to have 340 songs:P

but my peak makeage was in 2004 - I barely make any nemore :)

Nice MAC banner. ^^

11/6/07 Chronamut responds:

thanks! ^^



sorry, too much youtube poop.

11/5/07 Chronamut responds:

apparently - now youtube "lemme borrow that top" then after you finish that one click the halloween special on the side with the slideshow of kellys - the song in it is hilarious - by kelly's mom :)




11/4/07 Chronamut responds:

lol i have no idea what to say to that XD



Like OMG man your my hero!

no realy your music is soooo kick ass! i wish you would tell me how mine is =D you rock hard core! n/103670

thats if you did ever want to check it out! but man that new song Anxious hearts Kicking! keep up the good work!

11/1/07 Chronamut responds:

thanks man - a lot of people sem to like anxious hearts - I wish i had the time to do more songs but atm I do not. As is the case I will check some ofr stuff out when I get some time :)



Just tell me if I missed any. God that took all the extra free time I had

Wait what, you want me to give a review link to ALL the reviews I wrote? Isn't that kinda unneccessary

11/1/07 Chronamut responds:

im pretty sure you got them all - last i checked you hadnt reviewed a legend of dragoon song - but you prolly have by now - so congrats :)



Ok, I'm fucking DONE.

You owe me reviews >: (

10/30/07 Chronamut responds:


if you are done then find the contest thread called" mecca thread" or something and post a review link to every song you reviewed. Obviously its not 339 songs nemore since i deleted a bunch - I will then check and if they are all reviewed then you do inded win :P



I'm REALLY close now, you know that

10/30/07 Chronamut responds:




lol, you always go "What's up with you and <Insert instrument in all caps>"

There's hundreds of songs so of course they'll be repetitive as fuck

oh anyways, back to pissing you off again by failing at all every possible thing in my reviews ^____^

10/28/07 Chronamut responds:

lol you do that

also i deleted a bunch so there arent QUITE so many nemore :P



Your Music is rad.


10/26/07 Chronamut responds:




Fun in the IRC, lets do it again sometime!

10/3/07 Chronamut responds:

ll ya :P

you werent annoying this time!



Happeh burfday because I can't post in the threadity in the forum >:/

10/1/07 Chronamut responds:

thanks man! Kinda odd that you cant post in the forums tho - were you bannzored? :P

You left a comment on mine so I'll leave a comment on yours >:D.....but i forgot what exactly i was gunna say, so I'll just say...HI! =P

10/1/07 Chronamut responds:

hi! :P

DUDE! You Wrote 8-bit Halloween and I LOVE IT!!!
It in my faves.

10/1/07 Chronamut responds:

ya like.. 3 years ago hahaha XD

glad you liked it man! ^^




One week more with stupid sch0l now and I'll get right back to it

9/29/07 Chronamut responds:

hehehe kewl :p



AHA! Thanks a bunch...stuff like this is always fun :D

9/29/07 Chronamut responds:

np man - try not to pester me too much tho - I am not a generous person these days..



I love your music, chronamut! I'll definitely start reviewing it. When are you gonna make more? :)

9/17/07 Chronamut responds:

I truly dont know man - but arent 340 songs enuff for you? :P

and glad you love it man :P

Thank you very much for leaving me a comment on my page. I appreciate it a lot. I really enjoy your music. :)

9/16/07 Chronamut responds:

np man.. and if you enjoy my music so much - review more of it! ;)


wtf?!?! is you trying by typing moooo all over my tight ass page???

9/15/07 Chronamut responds:

moo :P

OI! wanna see if i can convince you into a tagteam of ULTIMATE PROPOTIONS: (Read: colab, not man secks.... unless you buy me flowers and get me drunk >.>)

9/3/07 Chronamut responds:

hehe the latter can be arranged :P

Hey Chicken Nugget!


9/1/07 Chronamut responds:

lol :P

whats shakin' homeslice?


fuck you

8/30/07 Chronamut responds:

lol- only if I can fuck you first ;)




I'm gonna try to stop by when I get time.

Work has taken over my life. :(

8/30/07 Chronamut responds:


and yes I know - work can be time consuming - but it's money, right? :P

thanks for supporting!




hey hey hey, how's the flash going? :3

8/19/07 Chronamut responds:

ive nailed the last coffin into it and now it exists only in my memories..

I'll make a simpler style and stick with something that i'll actually finish..




That's actually a pretty good idea. I stopped going down from Lavidz theme, so I'll go straight from TECHNO MARIO from now on YAY

8/18/07 Chronamut responds:

hehehe.. i feel so sorry for you.. my first songs are TERRIBLE in comparison to my music NOW.. But thats part of the "trials" i suppose - will you retain your sanity/motivation where so many have failed? :P




so I reviewed all your final 2007 and 2006 songs... *looks at audio page* ...oh god looks like I'm gonna have something to do for a while (I doubt I'm even gonna complete this hopeless project people tell they'll do but never complete >:/) Ah, gotta sleep now cya tomorrow hopefully

8/18/07 Chronamut responds:

hrmm i somehow recall saying that you have to srat from 2003 and work yer way to 2007.. otherwise you will only be disappointed.. neways.. ya you got a lotta work ahead of you - i have like 200 and something submissions in 2004 alone :P

neways thanks for the dedication man - feel free to drop a few 5s as you go along :P


But... the IRC is dying


8/17/07 Chronamut responds:

I do apologize i havent been in there latley - my internet at home hasn't been wooking - I am writing this from work - so hopefully soon I'll be back in there and we'll get it up and running - in the meantime YOU can do YOUR part and help advertise it! ^^


Hey! :)!!!!!!!!!!! I love you :O!!!!!!!!! Cya!!!!!!!

8/17/07 Chronamut responds:

aww i love you too! <333